Saturday, August 8, 2009

Singing in Salzburg

The sky is a perfect silver blue as the sun hangs precariously above the horizon. The moutains and hills are cast in a hazy blue light and they slowly drift by my train window. The edge of a cloud is cast in brilliant splendor, as the sun just catches it. The rolling hills, peaceful.

This is why I travel.

Not the only reason of course, but there is just so much to see in the world, how could I just sit around and not get out there. This trip, while my first big one outside of the States, will by no means be my last. I have several destinations in mind for my next travel episode.

I went to Salzburg today. Yes, where Mozart grew up and where the Sound of Music is set. How could one go wrong with such a musical, beautiful place? And a musical place it is. In my random wonderings through the old town I stumbled upon a strig orchestra rehearsal in a cathedral, which was so amazing to hear in a space like that, and I also found a free outdoor concert band performance. As if that wasn't enough, as I was wondering through the hills that run through and around town, I could hear music being rehearsed by a orchestra in the distance. How about that, the hills were alive with the sound of music. It's not everyday that you get a live orchestra to walk sound the hills to.

The town was a georgious mix of stone streets, angular pastel colored buildings, open spaces, and more cathedrals and churches that I thought possible to fit in an area that size. This set right below a towering wall of stone, that is the side of the surrounding hill (the one which I was walking along). I had no real agenda for the day other than to explore the sights and sounds of the city. And I only had today, as accomidations were booked full in the city. I'm on my way back to Munich to stay one more night before I head off to Vienna.

Although with the Salzburg festival, filled with musical acts on a daily basis. I could have stayed in the city much longer than a day. Oh well, I'll come back when I do my eastern European tour sometime.

Yesterday was a light day, the only big thing I did was go to the BMW museum. I had seen some of the cool exhibits they put inside, and figured it was worth a look. Well, talk about design overload. It's amazing how well put together certain companies are. It might have something to do with the money they are bringing in, but the whole museum was top notch in terms of information presentation and intuitive interaction. I'm not quite sure how to describe the museum besides an apple store for a car company. I saw a lot of near things, and got some great ideas from just wondering through.

I also saw lots of motocycles, which I really want to get a small one now. After seeing so many people with them riding around, I've kind of become a little partial.

So through all this I think I've come up with a few resonable goals (maybe). I want to start draing again and throwing clay on the wheel, I want to buy and learn to ride a motocycle, I want continue to travel and see the world, and I want to learn how to fly. I've got lots of time, so no rush on a few of those.

Well, I'm going to enjoy my sunset now.

*Interesting sidenote: It now takes me longer to dry my beard than my hair. Odd.


guess Rodgers & Hammerstein got it partly right then. that's... interesting!

a BMW museum, wow. impressive to hear that it's that good- i mean, the phrase "car museum" doesn't exactly produce manic joy in most people.

*fascinating. likely because it's thicker? (and/or longer?)

Hi signing traveler,
I love the fact that you can hear music where ever you hike to ..hills and valleys...ahhh..Julie A would be singing again if she could climb that hill now...
As far ad the beard....have you had a hair cut lately??
That might account for the drying time change...
ENJOY Vienna!!! there is more music to come.
LOVE YOU, silverstreak

Salzburg was a wonderful place. I loved the fact that anywhere you go, in some village in that little part of the world, it is generally possible to find at least one giant chess set, I remember the one right next to the cathedral there. Everything is always so much more interesting away from home, even cog railroads that go up insane heights. My parents are still jealous of me getting to be where the "Sound of Music" was born.