Monday, August 3, 2009

Foggy mountains

So, as per usual, my itinerary changed. Originally I was going to go to Bern and Zurich, but instead I find myself in Gimmelwald for a few nights. And as I write this, I realize that it is a few nights too short. But I have three weeks left, and I've already cut a bunch of cities I'd like to see. That's what traveling is all about though, seeing, staying, and enjoying where you're at. I'm not too worried about all the places I'm not going to get too. But at this point I must trek on, or else I may just get stuck here in Switzerland. It's amazing, and I'll be back.

To pick up where I left off, the rest if Swiss day was good fun. The parade was fun to watch, filled with cows, horses, traditional dress, and local customs. I managed to keep enough sunblock on me to not burn in the bright hot sun during it all. The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing in the 'relaxation room' at the hostel (a room filled with hammocks). The hostel had a huge party, and the owner even stopped by to say hi, and a group photo was taken. So next season you can find my face on 'Balmer's Herberge' brouchures (it'll be small and pixelated).

The day finished off with a grand set of fireworks. I thought I would have missed my big fireworks show opportunites, which I normally catch back home, but alas I got my big production show. After which they light a huge bonfire, whose flames reach 30+ feet. Good times all around.

Of course since I added an extra day, I was moved to a 32 bed dorm for that night. It wasn't a very large room, so bunks took up the wall, stacked 3 high, and each section contained two beds. So I got to sleep next to mystery person 'x', as I went to bed long before they arrived. I was awoken by them in the middle of the night, as the man next to me turned and swung his arm in my direction. Nothing like being beat up when sleeping by the unconcious person next to you. Dorm experiences always are interesting.

I have to say it'll be nice to have a room to myself when I finally get back. As well as being in a place where bathrooms arn't unisex.

Anyway, I took a lazy morning to rest up some more and headed over to Grimmelwald. It was cloudy and a little rainy at points. But the walk in the valley to the cable car, that would take me up to the village, was georgious. The misty, cloudy background created an excellent background for the steely peaks in the distance.

Grimmelwald has been nice, and while I could see the alps out my bedroom window all yesterday, they have failed to peek through the fog and cloud that has hung around all day. It's cool to walk along the street and only see cloud on one side, almost like being in some sort of 'cloud city'. So it's been another lazy day, well, after hiking for 4 hours this morning up to one of the glaciers and back. I'm enjoying these lazy days though, and could stand a few more. But yet again I need to keep moving to my next destination.


wow, from brochures to beatings to bathrooms....sounds, um, memorable. (the pixelated comment cracked me up.)

i have to's the chocolate? what sweets have you tried in Switzerland?

i'm impressed that you are both blogging and journaling. (not to mention photographing.)

The chocolate is awesome. But in all honesty I think you can get just as good stuff in the states. At least compared to the stuff that I've had so far (and I've been doing a bar a day). Maybe I'm missing out on the real stuff, hidden from the turists.

I enjoy all three. I think it forms a more complete picture.

Oh my goodness, Switzerland sounds amazinggg. And is GORGEOUS. Love living vicariously through you!