Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm watching a drunk Aussie talk to some girl right now, and I know he's speaking English, but I'm not quite sure of that fact as I can't understand a word out of his mouth.

Which brings me to an odd realization that I've had. I've kind of gotten used to the fact that I can't understand peoples conversations around me, so it's going to be wierd to be able to 'listen in' when I get back to the states. I'll feel like I'm easedropping into every conversation around me. It is odd to walk down the street and realize that I can understand someone (those tourists). Also, i'm always a little nervious calling the next hostel to book, as I'm never sure how great thier English is. So I'm about to book my London hostel, and I had the same feeling . . . then I remembered that they speak English as their first language as well. It has been a while.

Anyways, onto Vienna. Where else can you walk around the Hofburg Palace estate and hear Carmina Burana blasting loin and clear in the distance. And as you move closer to the source of the sound you see a whole summer film festival carnival going on, with a films of operas and concerts playing on a large screen for all to see. Yep, that is how I ended my night out in Vienna tonight. I'm now back at the hostel, planning for tomorrow (and updating this blog)

Actually, I'll leave you with that little tidbit of Vienna, and I'll write about my experience tomorrow while on the train to Prague.


aha. you did wander a palace. question answered! :)